Housing Authority of Paducah

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English Language Proficiency Policy

Where LEP persons desire, they will be permitted to use, at their own expense, and interpreter of their own choosing, in place or as a supplement to the free language services covered by the Housing Authority of Paducah. The interpreter may be a family member or friend. 

A. Translation is the replacement of a written text from one language into an equivalent written text in another language. Our policy is: 

The Housing Authority of Paducah will provide written translations of vital documents for each eligible LEP language group that constitutes 5 percent or 1,000 persons, whichever is less, of the population of persons eligible to be served or likely to be affected or encountered. Translation of other documents, if needed, can be provided orally; or 

If there are fewer than 50 persons in a language group that reaches the 5 percent trigger, the Housing Authority of Paducah may not translate vital written materials, but will provide written notice in the primary language of the LEP language group of the right to receive competent oral interpretation of those written materials, free of cost. 

B. After completing the four-factor analysis and deciding what language assistance services are appropriate, the housing authority shall determine whether it is necessary to develop a written implementation plan to address the identified needs of the LEP populations it serves. 

If the housing authority determines that it is not necessary to develop a written implementation plan, the absence of a written plan does not obviate the underlying obligation to ensure meaningful access by LEP persons to the agency’s public housing program and services. Our policy is: 

If it is determined that the Housing Authority of Paducah serves very few LEP persons, and the PHA has very limited resources, the Housing Authority of Paducah will not develop a written LEP plan for providing meaningful access. Entities having significant contact with LEP persons, such as schools, grassrotts and faith-based organizations, community groups, and groups working with new immigrants will be contacted for input into the process. 

If the Housing Authority of Paducah determines it is appropriate to develop a written LEP plan, the following five steps will be taken: (1) Identifying LEP individuals who need language assistance; (2) identifying language assistance measures; (3) training staff; (4) providing notice to LEP persons; and (5) monitoring and updating the LEP plan.