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Reasonable Accommodation Policy


The Housing Authority of Paducah is dedicated to ensuring that individuals with disabilities are not discriminated against on the basis of disability, in connection with the operation of its programs, services and activities. Therefore, if an individual with a disability request an accommodation such as an accessible feature in a rental housing unit or a modification to the common area, the Authority will provide such accommodation unless doing so would result in a fundamental alteration in the nature of the program or an undue financial and administrative burden.

A copy of the 504 Reasonable Accommodation Housing Policy and Procedures (Policy) shall be posted in the Housing Authority Paducah Central Administrative Office (Central Office), the management office in each public housing development. In addition, individuals may obtain a copy of this Policy, upon request, from their public housing property manager.


An individual with a disability may request a reasonable accommodation at any time during the application process, residency in public housing, or participation in the Housing Choice Voucher and/or other Programs of the Authority. The individual with a disability may submit all requests in writing, orally, or by any other equally effective means of communication. If the individual with a disability is unable to submit their request in writing, the Authority will assist the individual to reduce their request to written form. Reasonable accommodation methods or actions that may be appropriate for a particular program and individual may be found to be inappropriate for another program or individual. Decisions to approve or deny requests for reasonable accommodations shall be made on a case-by-case basis and take into consideration the disability and the needs of the individual with the disability as well as the nature of the program or activity in which the individual seeks to participate.

If there is a dispute between the applicant/resident and the Policy Administrator responsible for the program in which the applicant/resident is requesting an accommodation, the resident may file a complaint in accordance with the Grievance Procedure and a public housing may request an informal hearing or meeting to request consideration.

Where feasible, the Housing Authority of Paducah will train and hire bilingual staff to be available to act as interpreters and translators, will pool resources with other housing authorities, and will standardize documents. Where feasible and possible, the Housing Authority of Paducah will encourage the use of qualified community volunteers. 

HAP will develop and maintain a Reasonable Accommodation that documents each reasonable accommodation request. The Reasonable Accommodation Log will include documentation regarding:

  1. Tenant’s name, unit number and site location;
  2. Date and time of the request or inquiry:
  3. Nature of the request or inquiry;
  4. Action taken on the accommodation request (s) or inquiry;
  5. If the request was rejected or changes made in the requested accommodation(s) and
  6. Documentation reflecting the disposition of the requests, including
  7. Implementation date(s).

Each HAP on-site Property Manager will maintain a Reasonable Accommodation Log for each reasonable accommodation request received. The Reasonable Accommodation Log will include:

  1. Name of Tenant, unit and site location;
  2. The date and time the reasonable accommodation request was request was received; and
  3. The date and time the site manager referred the request to HAP’s Section 504/ADA
  4. Administrator for processing and disposition.
  5. The date HAP administration responded to tenant.
  6. Date, time unit#, site location and when the tenant was transferred.

No later than two (2) business days after a site manager has received a request for reasonable accommodation(s), the site manager shall forward a reasonable accommodation request(s) to HAP’s Section 504/ADA Administrator for review, processing and disposition.

The HAP Section 504 Administrator has 5 days to notify tenant whether a unit is available or not.